Sponsors support this program for Women Entrepreneurs raising capital

A big thanks to these Sponsors Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

We are in great company! Many thanks to our supporters of women entrepreneurs. There are so many ways to raise capital, from equity partners, angel investors, or venture capital funds, whether they are using founder’s money, asking family or friends, crowdfunding, partnering, cryptocurrencies, long or short term debt, or credit cards. We are so excited to announce that the following companies are providing fellowships: Global Tech Bridge, The Batchery, GameChangers, Wealthing Institute, Temperies. To provide a fellowship or support in any way this program, please write us to sponsors (a) womengetfunded.com

And a big thanks to Matt and Anita Perez

Previous participants: 547 from 12 countries

We are missing YOU!   If you are servicing women in business, we need to talk.

“The narrative about women and funding is mired with misinformation and victimization. It is time to change the numbers by providing women entrepreneurs with the confidence and competence to get funded. Investors don’t invest in gender, we invest in talent”.

Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD*

We have been working for 3 years teaching and improving a program that lifts the bar for women entrepreneurs, with over 500 participants.

Our goal in 2018 is to reach 50,000 with our marketing campaign, gain 500 new participants for our September-October program, grow our community to 5000 members, and establish an ongoing ecosystem.

Our $100,000 marketing/PR campaign delivers credibility and trust.  Check our traction on https://www.facebook.com/WomenGetFunded/ 

If you service Women Entrepreneurs, we would love to have you here. 

Our Participants:

  • Are powerful leaders.
  • Are smart and driven decision makers.
  • Are forming bonds with others (men and women) that will lead to better networks.
  • Are sharing information with their extended social and professional circles.
  • Appreciate organizations that provide support early in their process, and are loyal to them.
  • Need competent service providers.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Gain early access to women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers who are hungry for growth. Promote your services to a large audience of participants, partners and advertising audience. Offer fellowships, prizes, discounts to our audience.

Change the narrative from victims of discrimination to actresses of destiny.
Support personal and professional development for women entrepreneurs, and managers, and influence your company’s internal dialog through women’s empowerment.

Provide opportunities for growth to your existing or potential customers. Increase your value proposition by offering fellowships to the program to your current or potential customers.

Engage your leaders as change makers. Present opportunities for leadership development by offering mentoring, participation in judging panels, scholarship selection committees, and other ways to influence the female business ecosystem.

Gain visibility for your leaders and brand. Increase your visibility in a positive pro-inclusion professional development program, through our website, social and digital marketing campaigns including e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels.

Showcase your corporate support for diversity and inclusion initiatives. Participate in the shift of narrative by supporting and disseminating high-impact programs for women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Platinum Sponsor – $10,000

Special recognition as the Premier Conference Sponsor.

Thirty seconds corporate presentation on Program Video Introduction.

One VIP package to a participant selected by Sponsor.

Program Fellowship to 4 participants.

Featured Platinum Sponsor Logo and web link on the Conference website home page and sponsor page.

Featured Platinum Sponsor Logo and relevant phrase at the end of 2018 Program’s online marketing communications.

Gold Sponsorship – $5,000

Recognition as Conference Sponsor.

Program Fellowship to 4 participants or combination of programs.

Sponsor Logo and web link on the Conference website home page and sponsor page.

Ten seconds corporate presentation on Class Video.

Silver Sponsor – $500

Recognition as Conference Sponsor.

Program Scholarship to 1 participants.

Sponsor Logo and web link on the Conference website home page and sponsor page.

2018 Program September 4th – November 6th.

For more information contact: sponsors (a) womengetfunded.com

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