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Most of the difficulties regarding funding firms and ideas are driven by the lack of understanding from entrepreneurs, managers, inventors and even consultants on how to select the appropriate funding mechanism. This practical, focused, and goal-driven book is filled with stories, lessons, tips, and facts to reduce time and resources wasted and improve the probability of getting funds.

If you are stuck regardless of your efforts and feel you are chasing your wealth instead of enjoying it. This is a book for you. Based on her work with hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking funding, Castillo realized recurrent habits that prevented success. She discusses the key habits and offers a remedy to each invisible habit. Through the cases of 10 characters, you will be surprised to find out what is holding them back.

Dr. Fine dispells many myths about gender differences and dives deep into research methodology that seems to justify how we treat each other. I found that her book was an eye opener for many gender-differences supporters. Especially when she intrigues you with observations like evaluating newborn babies to see if boys were looking more attentively to cars and girls to dolls (not telling the answer).

This is a great book to read if you like academic research OR if you want to be educated about real gender differences.

Two academics making sense of the huge amount of information on Gender issues on entrepreneurship. Fact-based book educating women in female entrepreneurship and addresses many myths. Easy read. Great tables summarizing key concepts that can be used as tools for many businesses.

The most valuable piece of information in this book is the difference between the high-earners and the under-earners. And some great tools to break self-sabotaging.

Growing up in an academic socialist environment, this book was an eye-opener for me. By comparing two types of parenting approaches to money (a teacher and a not-so-successful entrepreneur), you learn a lot about what works for you or not. A key lesson: Money is an illusion. Find out what the boy has to do when he works for free.

Must Reads

Crowdfunding and Women

“Crowdfunding can provide an alternative method of funding minorities and women, while providing investor protections and enabling risk sharing among a community.  Crowdfunding is unique because it not only brings money, but also an engaged community of supporters that are both customers and investors”

Previous guest speakers

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Dr. Francine Gordon on the Impostor Syndrome. Prof. at Santa Clara University. Founder Women in Tech, Silicon Valley Forum.

Dr. Zlatica Kraljevic on Borderless Leadership. International Executive and Author. Washington DC

Prof. John Watson on Women and Debt. International expert on female entrepreneurship. Perth, Australia.

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