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“The new program will start in September”

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Are you a woman entrepreneur with an amazing firm?Do you have passion, customers, solutions, employees or contractors, energy, focus…


Chances are that you are Underfunded.

According to the National Women’s Business Council, women fund businesses pretty much like everyone. Just take a look …

How Women Fund their Firms

Women GET Funded like any entrepreneur

  • Personal or family savings (55.5%) to start or acquire their business (versus 60.3% of all businesses)
  • Personal or business credit card (10.9% versus 10.4% for all business)
  • Only a tiny bit (.4%) used a business loan from government (.7% of all firms) or a government guaranteed business loan from a bank (.5% of women-owned firms, .7% of all firms.)

The main difference is in size!

Women tend to create and run smaller firms, ask for smaller loans, use less funds from family, almost none from friends, or angel investors,) and very few seek Venture Capital (2.7% of firms invested by VC funds are led by women, who create and run over 36% of all firms).

Regardless of the debate on access to capital, data indicates that women do not get funded. Many people want to change these numbers, I am one of them.  There might be many reasons why women are not getting funded, but there is ONE CLEAR ACTION that will definitely make a difference: EDUCATION.

It is in the spirit of making things happen that I launched the Women Get Funded initiative. For now, a comprehensive program to help women UNDERSTAND how to fund their businesses and MANAGE the funding process. Through 10 weeks we cover the funding process from A to Z, the three main funding mechanisms (Unfunding, equity and debt, including many sources of funds: crowdfunding, grants, founders, angels, VCs, banks), as well as negotiation and valuation. We work together on in groups, discuss specific challenges or opportunities, have checklists, webinars and invite guest speakers.

Let’s change the numbers

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