Women Entrepreneurs Do Access Capital 

yes, they do – when they know HOW

You can raise capital too

You can be one of the many women with enough resources to build and grow the company you want, having a great work/life balance, 


You can continue wasting your valuable time trying to do it all, to deliver less than you can and want, and feeling frustrated or doubtful about your self-worth because …

Doing your best is not enough, excellence needs resources.  

Learn how to access capital via equity or debt or use resources via unfunding.    

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Women Entrepreneurs need Access to Capital


I know…  I have been a serial entrepreneur and having resources made a huge difference in my companies.  It is not Venture Capital but a combination of various funding mechanisms that support each other and help your business grow and give you a great work/life balance.

I have always found a way to raise the funds I needed, and after moving to Silicon Valley, I was shocked to see so few women seeking funding, and so many of them severely disadvantaged… not because of their gender but because they were not prepared.

I was once in your shoes

Instead of complaining about the few women getting funded, and trying to solve the issues one woman at a time, I created the perfect training, so more women can get funded, and we can shift the numbers…

Let’s get the other half funded, not because of gender but because of talent

Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD

Over 500 participants worldwide


While I’m a huge fan of Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ startup books, what is lacking is a way to really understand how to manage your business’ financial situation. In my opinion, Alicia Castillo Holley’s “How to Fund Your Million Dollar Idea” book and the training program are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

As anybody in business knows, it is very important to understand financial modeling, what you really need to do in order to get a handle on whether you’re making a profit (or a loss), and what your funding options are.

What I like most of all is that she is quite open about both her wins as well as her mistakes which serve as lessons that we can all relate to. It’s quite refreshing because quite often you read all about how someone was awesome and their ‘glory days’ type stories rather than ‘I made a mistake once, here’s what you can do to avoid it in case you’re making that same mistake too’. Any other book could be dry and dull about finances, however, having stories which you can actually learn from and key tips that you can easily digest is absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.” Angela Han, Australia. Marketing Titans.


Alicia is a phenomenal speaker & advisor. One 10 minute conversation with her made the 6 hours in traffic totally worth the drive. Jody Bagno-Dill. Jazz Business Consulting. Ca, USA.


Our sessions are fun, inspiring and profound at the same time You can feel the exciting impact on your project since the first moment. Yarmila Duran, Ecología Organizacional, Fl, USA.


Alicia is an incredibly engaging speaker, she is able to share compelling data based on real-life experience and/or research.  She has a vast depth of experience as an entrepreneur, an engineer, and an investor. Judy Mahan. Cal Poly CIE SBCD Director, San Luis Obispo, Ca, USA.


Great course to learn about the different level of financing a business. Brenda Sullivan, Thompson Street Farm LLC. Co, USA.

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