You need Funding

If you are a woman entrepreneur, the single most important lesson you can learn is how to Get Funded. You know that you need capital to run a great company, and have a better work/life balance, but you don’t know how.

You’ve come to the right place. We are going to give you the know-how and the know-why to manage the funding process. And we are going to do it in a way that is manageable, not overwhelming. You can take your time and go through the entire program sequentially, or go directly to the areas where you need more support or have burning questions.


We give you Confidence and Competence

We work on two levels: Mindset and Tools. On the mindset level, we work Internally and Externally. How to manage our interior conversations, and how to manage our relationships with others in the funding process.  On the tools level, we give you the know-how to seek funds from the different sources of funds, AND to choose which one to use so you don’t burn your bridges (and lose confidence).

We do this because…

My name is Alicia Castillo Holley, I’m a Silicon Valley Angel Investor and I have PhD in finance and entrepreneurship. I was once in your shoes, I grew up in a little town in Venezuela, and studied a lot, worked a lot, and discovered entrepreneurship at 34. I got a fellowship at Babson College and it turned my life around. After living in many places (Australia is a cool one), I moved to Silicon Valley and was shocked to see few women seeking funding, and greatly underprepared.  After a couple of years, I decided that coaching one on one was not enough, so I turned my program for scientists, and my book for entrepreneurs, into a great program for WOMEN. (Actually, I want to invest in more women-led firms but I don’t invest in gender -or race, or age, or political views- I invest in talent).

I was lucky to have my PhD supervisor be an expert in gender issues and debt financing. Prof Watson is now retired but you can see a video of our chat here.  I was also lucky to meet people who know what they are talking about. I was the co-chair of the Diana Conference, a research group that focuses on women access to funds. And, I’m adding videos and resources constantly to remind you that you can get funded. Make sure you join our mailing list and our facebook page.

Alicia is a phenomenal speaker & advisor. One 10 minute conversation with her made the 6 hours in traffic totally worth the drive. Jody Bagno-Dill. Jazz Business Consulting. Ca, USA.


Our sessions are fun, inspiring and profound at the same time You can feel the exciting impact on your project since the first moment. Yarmila Duran, Ecología Organizacional, Fl, USA.


Alicia is an incredibly engaging speaker, she is able to share compelling data based on real-life experience and/or research.  She has a vast depth of experience as an entrepreneur, an engineer, and an investor. Judy Mahan. Cal Poly CIE SBCD Director, San Luis Obispo, Ca, USA.


Great course to learn about the different level of financing a business. Brenda Sullivan, Thompson Street Farm LLC. Co, USA.


Alicia brings a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek her out. Tracey Hodgkins, CEO, Australian Experiential Learning Centre, Australia


Excellent presentation on creating high-impact businesses, and managing the financial crisis. Our CEOs were delighted with the experience.  Carola Rivano, Event Coordinator, Induexpo, Guatemala.


Thanks to this course I’ve started a great consulting opportunity…My dreams are becoming real and I can’t ever thank you for making me think about my fit. Carlos Pichardo, Entrepreneur, Dominican Republic


Alicia’s virtual courses are excellent … Carlos Castello, CEO, Castello & Associates, Argentina

5 Steps to Getting Funded

Define Funding Needs

Learn how to use your cash flow projections to set your funding goals.

Select Ideal Source of Funding

Learn how to select and use Debt, Equity or Unfunding mechanisms.

Prepare Request

Learn how to prepare a deal that provides information to get to a meeting.

Engage with Funding Sources

Learn how to listen to your funding sources to improve your model.

Fine-tune your Model

Learn how to create a virtuous circle by improving your model with feedback from funding sources.

We transform the individual, and instead of lowering the bar, we raise competencies, so we all benefit.

#AMA (ask me anything) ZOOM sessions run the 1st Tuesday of each month at 2pm Pacific time. All questions sent by Sunday will be answered – time permitting. For dial-in instructions, send an email to ama @

It is a great time to be a woman raising funds. Make sure you know HOW.

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